Stand-up parties

If you are willing to celebrate an important event or carry a conference out with strict time limitation, stand-up party suits you perfectly. There are different types of Stand-up parties, depending on the cause and the type of occasion. We help to carry out the wedding parties, corporative and evening stand-up parties, as well as business stand-ups during trainings and presentations. In either case the individual menu, which is subject for you to correct according to your taste, will be at your disposal.

Stand-up party implies, first of all, easiness of interlocation, but not a rich meal. Seats are usually not provided. Drinks and dishes are offered on the special buffet tables. The main advantage of a stan-up party is ability to place a significant number of people with comfort and ease of their locomotion in a moderate room.

«Elena» Restaurant will provide you with delishious dishes and magnificently shaped tables. Exellent service of high level in compliance with the subject of occasion is guaranteed.

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